Friday, December 3, 2010

LA comes to town

The second week I was in Boston, Laura Anne came for a visit.  She got into town on Tuesday, November 9.  This was a very busy day.  I had my first interview at Children's Hospital, our couch was delivered from IKEA, Laura Anne came, and it was the first night of the Dave Matthews concert.  As soon as Laura Anne's taxi arrived, I was out the door headed to Children's.  The interview went well, but more about that later.  John and I got home just in time to head out to the concert.  We walked down the street to get on the "T".  This has become our new "favorite" mode of transportation here in Boston.

We rode the T to TD Garden.  Because we have never been to that area of town, we got there early enough to find somewhere to eat.  We walked about a block from the venue and found a restaurant to grab a quick bite.  John Butler Trio opened for DMB but we did not make it in time to see that.  While John, Laura Anne, and I have been to our fair share of Dave shows, this concert had a few firsts. 
1. This was our first show in a city we were currently living in.
2. This was our first show in an indoor arena.
3. This was the first two night show in the same city.
We found our seats and were ready to see DMB!

Another great show!  We were all ready for Wednesday night.

John got up and went to work Wednesday morning while LA and I slept in.  As we were getting ready, I recieved a call from Children's about coming in for a second interview.  This changed mine and Laura Anne's plans but we were excited for my possible job opportunity.  So, we hurried out the door to the hospital right around lunchtime.  While I had my interview, John showed Laura Anne around the hospital.  Afterwards, LA and I got lunch then began our sightseeing.  We hopped in a taxi and went to Harvard Square.  Neither one of us really knew where we were going but we had a blast wandering around.  We walked all through campus, found a bookstore to buy some souveniers, and then found the Harvard law campus. 

We then rode the T to Washington street where we did a little shopping.  Due to our late start, we didn't have much time here.  We got back to our apartment to meet up with John and change clothes for the second night of Dave. 
We decided to go have a nicer meal and took Laura Anne to Burton's Grill.  Yum!! After dinner, we headed back to TD garden (where the Celtics and Bruins play) to see the concert. 

We had a great time, only heard a few of the same songs from the previous night, and it was John's 30th show!
Thursday was LA's last day in Boston.  John got up for work but because it was Veteran's day, he got to meet up with us for lunch.  Before lunch LA and I went to Newbury Street to walk around and do some more shopping.  This is a beautiful street with lots of good stores.  They range from little boutiques to more expensive places like Burberry, DVF, and other designer places.  There are cute restaurants, coffee shops, etc.  We walked around for a couple of hours then met John for lunch at Cheers.

As I'm sure many of you know, this became the inspiration for the TV show.  We had a great lunch and enjoyed a beverage or two while we were there. 

Sadly, it was time to get home so LA could get her stuff together and head to the airport.  We had such a fun time and John and I are so glad that she came!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Getting Settled

While Mom was in Boston, we worked hard to make our apartment into home.  Thankfully, while the Kuevens were in town to get John settled, they unpacked all the boxes, hung shelves, got our TV and computer working, etc.  It was so nice to get here and have all of that finished.  I am very appreciative of all the hard work they did in the few days they spent in Boston. 
So since the unpacking was complete, Mom and I got to decorating.  After a few Target runs we had a rug, couch pillows, cleaning supplies, kitchen gadgets, etc.  We arranged the china cabinet, set out picture frames, organized our closet, the list goes on and on.  Let's just say that we worked nonstop and Mom will have to make another trip up here to actually see the city!  I had so much fun with her here!!  Pictures of our finished apartment will come later.  For now, here is a picture of our building.  Ours is the 2nd from the top.

John and I had a date night on Friday to celebrate our first weekend in Boston together.  We ate at Burton's Grill and it was delicious!  There are so many good places to eat here.  We spent Saturday running errands and were still trying to get settled.  Sunday night we met our friend Adam and went to the House of Blues to see The Script.  I only knew a couple of their songs but we had a great time.