Sunday, February 26, 2012

Marge and Big D

We were so glad to have my parents, "Marge" and "Big D", come visit for a long weekend!  John left early Thursday morning for a conference in Atlanta while Mom and Dad arrived in Boston late that night.  It was about 10:30 when they got to our apartment so they just got to peek at Chance in his crib.  This about killed my mom..... but she did good.... she actually let him sleep :).  We stayed up and visited for a little while.  Just as we were going to bed, Chance stirred a little so Mom and Dad did get one quick kiss before they went to sleep. 
Friday we had a nice, relaxing day.  We drank coffee, watched GMA, and they passed Chance back and forth all morning. 

Dad went and got a massage and went to the Fenway area to get some Red Sox gear, so Mom and I went for a stroll with Chance and went into some neighborhood shops.  That night, Dad and I walked and picked us up some pizza and we watched a movie.  Chance loved getting lots and lots of attention and having some new playmates around!  John got back in from Atlanta around 12:30 that night.
Saturday we went to Aquitaine for brunch and it was fabulous!  Lee came and ate with us and we all had a great time.  Chance did so good!

After brunch we did some shopping.  It was a successful trip.... everyone came home with something!  Then we dropped Dad off for a nap, John to get supper, and Mom, Chance, and I headed to a wedding shop.  I was so glad to get to try on LA and Rae's bridesmaids dress.  That night, John treated us to a delicious meal!  We had steak, greek potatoes, green bean bundles, and bread.  We also celebrated Marge's birthday (a few days early) and Chance was glad to help open presents!

Sunday we had a lazy day.  We laid around and once again, Mom and Dad enjoyed lots of time with Chance.  They also treated me to a mani/pedi, so I slipped out and had some nice time all to myself.  Then, John and I got out for a "mini date".  We went and got some frozen yogurt and walked in some stores around our neighborhood.  The only stuff we bought were things for Chance :) but it was nice to walk around just the two of us!  We all got ready and headed to the North End for an early dinner. 

Our original dinner plan did not work out due to a packed restaurant with no room for a stroller.  Thankfully, in the North End there are tons of great places to eat!  So, we walked down the street and found somewhere else.  We ended up at Rabia's and it was great! They sat us immediately and had plenty of room for Chance's stroller.  We had another delicious meal and once again Chance did such a good job. 

Even though it was past his bedtime, he was a little trooper!  Our other plan for the evening was to get cannolis at Mike's Pastry.  There usually is a line out the door but I have never seen as long of a line as there was that night.  With plenty of other dessert options in the area, we headed home with 6 yummy cupcakes for later. 
Monday came way too fast.  We enjoyed one last morning together before John drove Mom and Dad to the airport to head home.  I am so glad they came to visit.  It was so nice to spend time together and for Chance to get lots of loving from his Marge and Big D!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

6 months

Last week was a busy one in the Kueven household.  We celebrated Valentine's Day, Chance turned 6 months old, and my parents came for a visit.
We had a wonderful Valentine's Day!  Chance was up bright and early at 5 a.m. so when John got up for work I had breakfast ready.  We opened our Valentine's cards and gave Chance his presents. 

We also had goodies sent from our parents and from Mommo along with lots of cards from other family members. 
Chance made the following Valentine:

That night we ordered Chinese and had a nice quiet meal at home.  Chance went to sleep and stayed asleep so John and I were able to eat and watch a movie... perfect night in!

On Thursday, Chance was 6 months old.  My sweet boy is growing too fast!!  In the last couple of weeks he has done so many new things.  He can sit unassisted and play with toys, he now says "da da", and he is eating up a storm!  Gone are the days of him sitting nice and still in your lap..... he is constantly on the move!  Chance is reaching for anything and everything around him, kicking his chubby little legs, trying to grab your face, etc.  My little man loves to play and we have the best time!  We still aren't quite sleeping through the night, but things have gotten much better.  Now he wakes usually twice a night to nurse and then pretty much goes back to sleep.  We are getting longer and longer stretches so I'm hoping he will drop one of the feedings soon.  Chance is a happy, smiley baby and we couldn't be more blessed.  Here are some recent pics of my little munchkin:

First month he noticed the sign.

Once I gave him a toy, he sat still for a second!

Helping Mommy fold clothes.

Sweet boy in his new bath tub

Everything goes straight to his mouth!

We can't wait to see what changes and milestones the next month brings!

Friday, February 10, 2012

The Super Bowl

Chance went to his first Super Bowl party last weekend.  We watched the game at our friends Adam and Julie's apartment with a few people.  It was nice and laid back and we had some delicious food! 
I had no idea how Chance would do with a 6:30 kick-off, which is exactly when we start winding down for the night with his last bottle and bedtime shortly after.  I went fully prepared to leave during the first quarter if needed.

My little Patriot
While the game wasn't so great for our Patriots.... my little man did fabulous!  He was so happy and was in the best mood.  He LOVES football...I guess the colors and movement really capture his attention... so he was content to sit in our laps and watch some of the game.  He took his bottle and stayed awake until the beginning of the 2nd quarter.  And after that, he stayed just like the picture below until John and I left during the middle of the 3rd quarter.

Even though our Patriots lost, we had a great night!

Friday, February 3, 2012


Chance has been eating solid foods for about two weeks now and he is loving it!  The first thing we gave him was oatmeal and for the first couple of feedings most of it ran right out of his mouth.  He now has gotten the hang of it and opens wide when the spoon comes toward his mouth!
I am currently making his fruits and veggies.  I figured since I'm home with him and have time, plus it is cheaper and healthier...why not give it a try!  So far I've made sweet potatoes and he loves them.  We are trying bananas this weekend.
Chance now eats oatmeal in the morning and then oatmeal plus either a fruit or vegetable at night.  Here are some pictures from the last few weeks. 

You can tell he takes after his boy likes to eat!