Monday, December 3, 2012

Goodbye Boston

I don't really know how to sum up the wonderful time we have had living here for the past two years. 
The other night we were reading one of Chance's favorite books, Good Night Boston.  It goes throughout the city saying "good morning, afternoon, and night" to different places. So here is my version....

Goodbye Boston Harbor and lighthouse.

Goodbye Old Ironsides and Boston Tea Party ship.

Goodbye Boston Marathon runners!


Goodbye Boston Pops and Charles River.  Listen to the music!
   **I don't have any pictures, but John and I heard the Boston Pops at Christmas in Dec10, and when Mom and Dad came for the 4th in the summer of 2011, we experienced the fireworks and music along the Charles River!**

Goodbye swan boats and statue of "Make Way for Ducklings."

Goodbye Red Sox! Win the game at Fenway Park.

our first game...opening weekend vs the yankees

Goodbye New England Aquarium. Wow, look at the sea life!

Goodbye Boston Museum of Science.


Goodbye New England Patriots and Revolution!

Goodbye Celtics and Bruins. 

Goodbye buildings.

apt #1 Oct10-May11

apt #2 June10-Dec12
Goodbye Bostonians.  Thank you for sharing a wonderful two years!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Our Adventure Continues...

We are on the move again!

John has accepted a job with Memorial Hermann Hospital System at their Katy hospital, so we are headed to Texas. We are excited about this new opportunity, being closer to our family, and having a house with more space. 
These past two years have been so much fun and we really feel we have made the most of our time in New England. It's been hard at times being so far away from our family but we have made some good friends here and experienced so many new, fun things! Boston will always hold a special place in our heart!!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving in Boston.
It was a beautiful day.  After a lazy morning watching the parade, we ate a light lunch, and headed to the park.

Once Chance took his afternoon nap, we went to our friends' Adam and Julie's apartment.  Her mom was in town and cooked us a delicious Thanksgiving meal.  We have spent every Thanksgiving with Adam, and the last two with Julie and her mom as well.

The weekend before, we went down to Faneuil Hall to see the Christmas tree and lights.  It was so pretty!

The weekend after Thanksgiving, John and I decided we wanted some of our family's yummy dishes.  We ate while watching the Egg Bowl....which did not turn our how we hoped!  Our meal was delicious though and we enjoyed the leftovers for several days after.

We have so much to be thankful for!

Groovy Baby

Chance and I took a music class through Groovy Baby Music, called Music Together.  A friend recommended it to us and we loved it.  The class met once a week for 9 weeks and was just a short walk down the street from our apartment.

Each week, we sang songs, had a lullaby time, and got to play with a variety of instruments.  Chance loved to run around the room dancing, clapping, and laughing throughout each class.  

We made friends, learned new songs, and had so much fun!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Marge and Big D

We had a great time with Marge and Big D.  They got in late Wednesday night and stayed until Sunday morning and we had so much fun.

 Thursday we had a nice mix of laziness and outings.  We strolled around the neighborhood, went in some local shops, and ate lunch at Zaftig's (one of our faves!).  Late that afternoon, Mom and I took Chance to the park. 

Friday we accompanied Dad to the Sam Adams Brewery.  He has been trying to get here for the past few visits so we were glad he finally got to mark this one off of his list.  We attempted a trip to Macy's after this but we quickly learned that nap always trumps shopping!  Friday night we enjoyed a delicious meal at Island Creek Oyster Bar...soo good!!

Saturday was a beautiful fall day.  John and Dad headed off to the Harpoon Brewery while Mom, Chance, and I went to the Public Garden.  They boys thoroughly enjoyed their beer tasting and tour while we had a great time letting Chance run free and also feed the ducks.  We met up for lunch on Newbury Street at Joe's.  John took Chance back to nap while Mom, Dad, and I did a little shopping.  We ended our trip in the North End for a stop by Mike's. This was another Boston experience Dad had been waiting for and he and Mom got to have the true "Mike's experience" of lines around the block, packed inside, and then the delicious cannolis.  John cooked us a wonderful steak dinner that night. 

Sunday morning came way too quickly.  We had such a fun time with Marge and Big D!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Family Day

Each year Pediatric Transplant Center has a family celebration day for all organ recipients and their families.  This year marked the 6th family day and it was held at Kimball Farm. 

It was a beautiful fall day at a great location.  There was a bouncy house, driving range, batting cages, bumper boats, arcade, pony rides... so much fun for everyone!  Chance enjoyed running around in the grass as well as playing in the gravel!  He is ALL BOY!

We had some delicious food hot off the grill and ended the day with some yummy homemade ice cream.  Chance even got to have a few bites!
This is such a wonderful day for families to see their doctors and nurses outside of the hospital, as well as to connect with other families of children who have had organ transplants.  They had a big turnout with over 300 people in attendance.

John, Chance, and I had a blast at the family day celebration.  And as we left, I said an extra prayer thanking God for my healthy baby.