Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Santa Fe - 3

Sunday was our last full day of the trip.  Most of the group went white water rafting in the morning.  They had a great time and all made it back in one piece!

While they were rafting, Mommo and I enjoyed a nice breakfast outside and were later joined by Chaz and Maddy.  We all did some shopping and walking around the plaza. Later Mommo and I ate lunch together before the rafters got back to the hotel.  I loved spending so much time with just Mommo!

In the afternoon, we had a great walking tour of the city.  Including the Georgia O'Keefe museum, some local churches, and the miracle steps. 

We ended our tour and walked over to the cooking school. 

We had the place to ourselves and had a great evening.  It was the highlight of the trip for most of us.  Our instructors/chefs were so much fun and we learned a lot.  We started the evening with some general information from the chef along with what we would be cooking and some neat facts about chili peppers.

Then, we all split up and got to cooking.  There were stations set up for all the different courses of the meal.  The chefs walked around helping here and there but for the most part we cooked our own meal.

We had so much fun and all felt like we learned a lot.  It was nice having the place to ourselves because we were able to take our time, taste as we went, and enjoy some wine and each other's company.  We also took LOTS of pictures :)

Once we finished cooking we sat down and enjoyed the delicious meal we had prepared.  At the end of the night we sang and celebrated Mommo one last time.

The next morning we all said our goodbyes and made our way home.  A big thanks to Charlie and Dana for all the planning.  It was a wonderful family trip!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Santa Fe - 2

Saturday morning one group got up before sunrise to go hot air ballooning.

That afternoon most of us went to the spa.  We started the spa trip with our own private hot tub area.  We enjoyed hanging out there for about an hour as we slowly had our appointments.  The spa had relaxation rooms, pools, etc.  It was a really neat place and we all left feeling very relaxed!

While we were at the spa, Big D, Coon, John, Robert, and Chris played golf.

We all cleaned up and went to dinner.  It was a great local spot where we sat outside and enjoyed some good food, drinks, and music.  The highlight of the evening was the big shirt reveal by Big D and Corinne.  They worked really hard on them and they were a hit!