Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bruins Game and a Road Trip

Even though I started my job only a week earlier, I still was able to take off Thanksgiving and the day after.  I was very thankful for this! We decided to sleep in on Friday instead of braving the stores for the Black Friday deals.  That afternoon we went to the Boston Bruins game.  This was the first professional hockey game I have been to and we had a blast!

Saturday we met up with Margaret and Adam.  We went down to Charles Street to walk around some local shops and we ate brunch at Paramount.  Then we loaded up in the car and drove to Newport, Rhode Island. 
When we got into the city, we checked into our hotel.  They were working on a giant gingerbread house... So cool! 

Our first stop was the Cliff Walk.  This is a tour of million dollar homes along the coast of Newport.  Here are a few of the houses we saw:

We walked around some of the shops around town then found a place to eat dinner.  There was one major thing we were looking for this night.... somewhere to watch the Egg Bowl!! Of course we were the only ones in the place interested in the game.  Adam and Margaret were for Ole Miss and John and I were cheering for State. We had a great dinner!
Sunday we got up and found a place to eat breakfast. We walked around a little more then decided to head back to Boston.  Newport is a beautiful harbor town and we had a great trip!


I realize that it is January and I am just now writing about Thanksgiving.  Let's just say I am not the best blogger.... but I am hoping to get caught up!

This was our first holiday spent away from our families.  Usually for Thanksgiving we spend several days in Meridian splitting time between both of our families.  So, I was a little sad about spending this holiday apart.  Thankfully John and I had friends to celebrate with here and we ended up having a very busy weekend.

We ran in the "Freedom Trail 5k" on Thanksgiving morning.  This was not your typical 5k.  We met our friends Adam and Margaret, along with about 15 other people at the Boston Common that morning.  We ran along the freedom trail which goes all through the city.  Our guide stopped us along the way with bits of history, facts, etc.  Among the things we saw were Paul Revere's home,  where the Boston Massacre took place, the USS Constitution, the Old North Church, and several graves of famous Americans.  Here are a few pics from our run:

After the run we had a relaxing afternoon and I started doing some cooking.  John started the turkey the night before and it was looking perfect! I took a nap and then started on the dressing and squash casserole.  Adam and Margaret came over for dinner and brought some side dishes and dessert.  We had quite the feast for 4 people! Everything turned out delicious!!  Here are pictures of our food and table:

We had a wonderful day and realized we have so much to be thankful for!