Tuesday, March 26, 2013

19 months

I realized I haven't written an update on Chance lately, so here's a little about what he's doing these days.
He is growing like a weed. At his 18 month appointment he was 33 in tall and weighed 29 lbs... And my big boy is still growing, asking for "a fooood" all the time lately. He is still a great eater with his favorites now being cherry tomatoes, bananas, grapes, rice, blueberry muffins, and feeding himself anything with a fork or spoon. Each bite that makes it into his mouth he claps and screams "yaaaay".
The amount of words Chance knows has exploded in the past month. I feel like lately he is learning a new word or two every day... Repeating everything he hears! He still does some sign language but now is saying the words along with the signs. He also loves animal sounds and we are working on names of animals too.
My little munchkin is still a busy boy, always on the move. He is getting braver these days when it comes to running and climbing. Outside is where he prefers to be. Once he finishes breakfast he starts pointing to the door saying "side, side" and out we go. While our backyard has balls, his lawn mower, golf clubs, etc. Chance prefers to play in the mulch. Pretty much anything that involves getting dirty is what he is drawn to. When not outside, he likes playing with puzzles, blocks (building towers only to knock down), balls, and reading books (sometimes its only a page or two, others we read the same book 37 times in a row). Another favorite thing these days is watching heavy machinery... Dump trucks, cranes, backhoes, etc. Thankfully there is a lot of construction going on around us so we drive around to look at the big machines and Chance squeals and yells "dig, dig, dig".
He's also still doing great in the sleep department. We wind down each night watching Mickey Mouse and he sleeps pretty much from 7-7. I love our new schedule with one nap a day. He usually sleeps from 12-2. I am finally loosening up a little when it comes to items in his crib so he now sleeps with a blanket and 3 stuffed animals (Ernie, Bert, and Mickey).
A few other things... He got a third haircut in January, we turned his car seat around right before we moved and he loves facing forward, and he has 10 teeth along with 2 top molars starting to break through.
This is such a fun age and we are loving every minute!

The Big Move (part 2)

We couldn't have gotten unpacked and settled if it wasn't for our parents. The Kuevens drove the Uhaul along with the Mustang and got into town Saturday(Jan 12) afternoon. They stayed for several days and helped unpack, watch Chance, baby proof, etc. I was freaking out Sunday when we had a house full of boxes and very little furniture... Very overwhelming! But, we got lots done! My parents got into town Thursday night and we were able to do some decorating, arranging, more unpacking, and furniture shopping with them. Thanks to all of our help from both families, a little over a week after moving in we had the majority of the boxes unpacked. Our house was beginning to feel like home!