Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Tis the Season

Since Thanksgiving was late this year, I actually broke our "rule" and started going through the Christmas decorations a little early. We didn't decorate last year because we moved from Boston in early December and were living at Marge and Big D's. So I was excited to go through our things as well as some decorations that were packed up since we lived in Tupelo! John decided to put lights on the house before we left for Thanksgiving too so we could enjoy them for longer.

Early in the month we went to get our Christmas tree.  We had had an artificial tree the past two years so we were excited to pick out a live tree. John loves big trees, so he picked one that was around 11 ft tall! It was fun decorating, but took tons of lights!! I also used some of Mommo's Dickens Christmas village for the first time. Growing up I always loved helping Mommo set this up in her house, so I was so glad to carry on the tradition and use some in our home.

We also enjoyed the Katy tree lighting.  It was a very cold night, so we bundled up and met some friends in "Old Katy" for the ceremony. We saw some reindeer, listened to music, and watched Santa arrive on a fire truck.

There was also lots of other holiday fun including, Memorial Hermann's holiday festival, Chance's gift exchange with his playgroup, cookie swap with neighbors, trip to Spring, Texas for shopping and to see Santa, and much more!

It's the most wonderful time of the year!