Wednesday, August 6, 2014


May brought warmer weather and lots of road trips.
I enjoyed a nice Mother's Day weekend here in Katy and was treated like a queen! We also hit a big milestone that week before...Chance is no longer in diapers! I was planning to tackle potty training in the end of the summer but Chance was ready so we just went with it. I honestly was dreading this but he did so much better than I was expecting!

Then began our own mini Dave Matthews tour. The first show we saw was in The Woodlands. We went early to hang out with friends, left all the kids with a babysitter and then enjoyed a fun night out and a great show!

Next, on Memorial Day weekend we drove through Meridian and stopped for a night to visit family and drop off Chance. We then headed to Birmingham for our next show. It was our first trip back to Bham in awhile so John and I enjoyed a tour of UAB, and a couple meals at our favorite spots. We tail-gated before the show and once again had an awesome evening! This was mine and John's 20th time to see Dave Matthews together!

The next day John and I were off to Atlanta for our final show of the year. We met up with more friends and had a great time together.

We stopped through Meridian on the way back to see family again then we left Chance there and John and I headed home for a week to ourselves. Chance had a blast and we did too! John and I enjoyed some nice dinners as well as painted 3 rooms and rearranged furniture, including getting rid of Chance's crib and making him a "big boy" room.

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