Saturday, September 29, 2012

My Big Boy

I feel like Chance has changed so much in the past few weeks! 
We are no longer using bottles...yay!  Chance now drinks his milk and water just from sippy cups.  He also is not using a paci at all!  He was only using it to sleep and at nap time one day I couldn't find a paci anywhere.  He went to sleep just fine without it and that was that! 
Our other big accomplishment is he is walking!!  Over Labor Day weekend while we were in Maine he took 5 steps.  It was like after he finally put that many together he started walking more and more.  This past week he really took off and is walking everywhere.  He still plops down and crawls around, but he is fully capable of walking to get wherever he wants to go!  I still am not used to seeing him walk across the living room to get a toy or walk over to his high chair when it's time to eat.  Can't believe my little boy is getting so big!! 
He also has a top tooth finally poking its way through.  That makes a total of 3 teeth, but his lack of teeth has still not slowed him down in the eating department!  As his check up this month he weighed 25 lbs 6 oz (75%) and was 30 in (45%).  We also learned that his head circumference is in the 96%! Ha! 
I have a little talker on my hands, too.  The child babbles all the time!  From what my parents have said, it looks like I'm getting some payback for the chatterbox I was growing up!  In addition to "dada", "mama", and "night night", he now says "bye" and "thank you" which really sounds more like "di da" but we know what he's saying!  He loves to read to me and tell me all kinds of stories.  It is the cutest thing.
I love how excited he gets over the smallest things.  He squeals with delight when I grab my keys and we walk out the door.  Going to Target is a favorite outing because there are so many people to see and things to look at.  He waves at everyone and talks constantly through those trips.  I love my little social butterfly.
And now for some pictures...

Favorite kitchen cabinet...tupperware and utensils!

Doctor appointment

He loves to be outside

Fun at our music class
We are having so much fun as Chance continues to grow and develop his little personality.  I love my little wild child!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Fun Filled Weekend

CC came for a visit on September 13 and stayed for almost a week!  She wanted to come sometime in September and was so sweet to agree to plan her trip around a wedding we had in Boston.  I am still not to keen on the idea of getting a babysitter, so I was thrilled to not have to worry about leaving Chance.
Our friends Adam and Julie got married here in Boston and had a weekend full of festivities to celebrate.  John and I got 3 (yes 3!!) nights in a row just to ourselves!!!

Red Sox game!

at Dillon's with Julie and Mary Ann

Ready for the reception

We went to the Red Sox vs. Yankees game on Thursday, to a local bar Dillon's Friday night for appetizers and drinks with friends and family in town for the wedding, and to the reception Saturday night!  It was so nice to go out and spend time together while Chance was home being spoiled by his CC!

CC went to our Dr appt with us... not happy about shots :(

We loved having Cheri around for so long.  She, John, and Chance went to breakfast on Saturday morning and did a little grocery shopping.  We went to John's soccer game, and enjoyed sitting on our patio while John grilled us some burgers.  I loved having an extra pair of hands around during the day to watch my little wild child so I could get stuff done around the house that usually has to wait until nap time.

Thanks again CC for planning your visit around us and for letting us enjoy some much needed date nights!  We had a blast and can't wait to see you again!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Labor Day Road Trip

Over Labor day weekend, we took our first family vacation with just the 3 of us.  We have been wanting to visit Maine since moving to Boston and thanks to Groupon, we booked our trip at a great deal!
We left Sunday morning and made our first stop in Portland for lunch.

I told John that on this trip there were two things I really wanted to do...
1. eat lobster
2. see a lighthouse
So, at lunch we enjoyed a delicious lobster roll, along with a crab sandwich.  Chance tried both and ate every bite we gave him.
Our destination was less than an hour from Portland and we arrived in Boothbay, Maine, early that afternoon.

Once we got checked in, we went to drive around and explore the town.  We finally just found a spot to park and got out and walked around.  It was the cutest downtown area with tons of shops.  We went in art galleries, t-shirt shops, clothing stores, etc.  Chance loved being in the stroller and seeing all the people and different stores.  I got a sweatshirt for me and a jacket for Chance....we weren't prepared for the 60 degree temps plus being right on the water!  After a little shopping and strolling we ate dinner at a restaurant right on the harbor.

I'm sure you won't be surprised that we ate..... that's right, more lobster!  We also had some fabulous clam chowder.  Yummm!
We made our way back to our hotel just in time for sunset.  So, we got Chance ready for bed, filled up his nightly sippy cup of milk, and headed down to the water.  It was absolutely beautiful. 

The next morning we drove into town and ate breakfast at a local diner.  Then right around Chance's nap time we loaded up in the car to make the drive to a lighthouse.  He slept while John and I enjoyed the scenic hour drive to Pemaquid Point.

We enjoyed exploring the area for several hours.  We walked through the art gallery, gift shop, and took turns walking to the top of the light house.  The view was breathtaking!

We then found a picnic table on the water and enjoyed a nice lunch before heading back to Boothbay.  That afternoon we went back to the downtown area to make some purchases of items we saw the previous day and we walked along the footbridge crossing the harbor. 

We left late Monday afternoon to head back to Boston.  It was a wonderful family getaway!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Carousels and Cupcakes

A few weeks ago when we were out running errands, we drove by the Common and I noticed a carousel.  I have wanted to take Chance ever since but we just aren't in that part of the city very often. 
Wednesday was a beautiful day, sunny and 75 degrees...the perfect day for a carousel ride!
We got on the T, which Chance loves, and went to the Common.  I had no idea all the things going on.  There were food trucks, little tables with umbrellas set up, a large playground, and the carousel. 

Chance loved it!  Honestly, it made me a little dizzy, but we both enjoyed the ride.
It was getting close to lunchtime so we strolled down Charles street where I grabbed a slice of pizza from Upper Crust (one of our faves!).  We then headed over to the Public Garden to find a spot for our picnic lunch.

I enjoyed my pizza while Chance munched on veggie sticks, grapes, and some yogurt.  Thankfully he has overcome his fear of grass since I forgot to bring us a blanket!  We enjoyed the beautiful day and all the people in the Garden.
Before heading home we strolled up Newbury street for a sweet snack.  I have been wanting to go to Georgetown Cupcake since they opened this summer. 

We finally made it and I was not disappointed!!  I somehow managed to hold off until nap time to enjoy my delicious treats.  Red velvet and cookies and creme.... yummm!